Las Vegas’s Preferred Acute Senior Treatment Programs for Detox from Drug & Alcohol Addictions

In addition to providing world-class mental health services, Seven Hills Behavioral Health Hospital also offers superior treatment options to older adults who are struggling with addiction. Our hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada, is an ideal place for geriatric patients who have become dependent upon prescription painkillers, alcohol, heroin, or some other substance.

Our Generations Unit focuses solely on the needs of older adults who have been struggling with substance use concerns. Within the Generations Unit, we provide geriatric detox program for those who need to rid their bodies of addictive substances.

Understanding Our Geriatric Detox Program

Depending upon a person’s needs, our medically monitored detox services may be the first phase of care. If you or a senior adult in your life comes to our hospital dependent on drugs and/or alcohol, our staff might recommend detox before engaging in the therapies that we offer.

The geriatric detox program at Seven Hills Behavioral Health Hospital is supervised by experienced staff members who are trained to identify and treat the symptoms of withdrawal. Some symptoms of withdrawal can place a person’s life in jeopardy, so we make sure that every member of our staff is able to give our older patients safe treatment while in detox.

What to Expect

Nurses, doctors, and addiction specialists supervise all detox patients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is done to preserve the health of all of our older patients. So, while in our geriatric detox program, you or your loved one can experience the following:

  • Drugs and/or alcohol will be cleared from your or your loved one’s system, which can help you or your loved one heal from the effects of substance abuse.
  • You or your loved one may be given certain medications to make the process of withdrawal more comfortable.
  • Medication-assisted treatment may be given to alleviate opiate withdrawal symptoms if you or your loved one is dependent on painkillers and/or heroin.

Depending on your or your loved one’s needs, detox at our Las Vegas, Nevada area hospital can last three and seven days. If you or your loved one is well enough to start therapy while in detox, you or your loved one is welcome to begin our world-class substance abuse programming.

Learn More

Here at Seven Hills Behavioral Health Hospital, we strive to help older men and women achieve the sober lives they deserve. Our geriatric detox program is both safe and effective, and available if you or your loved one needs this kind of treatment.

Call our knowledgeable admissions team today to learn more about our geriatric detox program. They look forward to helping you determine if our addiction treatment is right for you or an older person in your life.

Individuals Talking in Circle

The variety of treatment programs at Seven Hills was great in treating the diverse conditions that members of our family were going through. We were able to get the appropriate treatment to get our family on the right track. Thank you Seven Hills!

– Elizabeth S.