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Seven Hills Hospital helps individuals struggling with Benzos addiction build a strong foundation for lasting recovery. Located near Las Vegas, Seven Hills is the leading provider of psychiatric and addiction treatment.

Learn More About Benzos Abuse Recovery

Learn More About Benzos Abuse Recovery at Seven Hills

Benzodiazepines are a large class of drugs that are prescribed by physicians for problems with anxiety, panic attacks, stress, and sleep. When taken directly as prescribed, these medications can be very beneficial to many individuals. However, when they are abused or used for longer than directed, an individual can become easily hooked on these very addictive pills. Addiction to these meds can lead to serious, long-term consequences, including problems with mental health, relationships, and, in some cases, the law. Individuals who have become addicted to benzos are no longer able to control their drug use and will continue to use despite the negative things that are going on around them. In most cases, the individual will need professional help from a benzo addiction treatment center or hospital in order to stop.

Seven Hills Hospital is a 134-bed treatment center that is dedicated to helping to stabilize our clients, maximize their potential, and change their outlook on life. Located in a beautiful neighborhood in the Seven Hills community of Henderson, Nevada, near Las Vegas, we stand out from our competitors due to our outstanding customer service, our flexibility, and our quick responsiveness on dispositions. At Seven Hills Hospital, we have years of experience helping individuals who have fallen victim to addiction and we are here to help you too. We can provide you with the skills needed to regain control while you seek treatment at our hospital or benzo abuse issues and once again live a life of sobriety.

Helping a Loved One

Helping a Loved One or Family Member Get Benzo Addiction Treatment

If you suspect that a loved one is addicted to benzos, it is possible to identify some changes in that individual’s behavior and lifestyle. Some warning signs that someone may be addicted to benzodiazepines may include:

  • Severe drowsiness
  • Confusion
  • Poor balance
  • Fainting spells
  • Is oddly detached from life
  • Seems sedated most of the time
  • Doesn’t seem to care about things that were once important to him or her

Many times, addicts do not think that they have a problem and therefore are most likely not going to seek help at hospital or treatment center for their benzodiazepine addiction. In this case, it may take some encouragement and work on your part to help get your loved one the help from a professional benzo addiction treatment center or hospital that he or she needs. Talk to your loved one about your concerns, go with him or her to appointments, and help him or her look at rehab and treatment centers that would meet his or her needs. Most importantly, be there to support your loved one through the entire process.

Why Consider Us?

Why Consider Treatment at Seven Hills Hospital in Las Vegas

Individuals who have become addicted to benzodiazepines tend to stop being as interesting in social activities and life goals that they were before. They tend to withdraw from family and friends, further isolating themselves from the world. In order to obtain more pills, they may begin to engage in risky behaviors like forging prescriptions, buying the meds from dealers, or going from one doctor to the next. When taken for a prolonged period of time, benzos can lead to the deterioration of an individual’s overall mental and physical health. These drugs can lead to an impairment of cognition, including sustained attention, verbal learning, and memory. Additionally, when professional care at a treatment center or hospital is not sought, an addiction to benzodiazepines can lead to a person experiencing problems holding down a job, being successful in school, or maintaining healthy relationships. When used with other substances, matters only become more complicated.

Individuals who are addicted to substances like benzodiazepines should first complete a detoxification treatment at a reputable benzo addiction center or hospital to rid their body of all toxic substances before beginning treatment at a therapeutic addiction center. Inpatient treatment centers are often a good place for those who are addicted to benzos because not only can they help an individual through medically monitored detox, but they can also provide them with needed therapy services. An inpatient treatment center at a hospital for benzo addiction can provide patients with individualized treatment plans that can be tailored to personalized needs, including the existence of any co-occurring disorders. Through a number of different therapeutic methods, an individual can learn more effective ways of coping with stressful life events, learn about the disease of addiction, and learn how to identify triggers so that they can prevent a relapse when they seek care at a professional benzo addiction treatment center or hospital.

Our Philosophy

Our Center’s Philosophy and Benefits

At Seven Hills Hospital, we are dedicated to providing high quality care for adolescents, adults, and older adults suffering from behavioral health and chemical dependency issues. Our addiction treatment center is designed to meet the individual needs of our patients through a comprehensive and compassionate approach, led by a team of highly trained psychiatrists and mental health professionals. It is our mission to provide exceptional treatment and therapeutic care in a safe environment, sending our patients from our door on the path to recovery.

Types of Treatment Available

Types of Treatment Offered at Seven Hills Hospital

When looking for benzo addiction treatment, you or your loved one may have been searching broadly for “rehab centers near me?” In the Las Vegas area, there is one clear choice. When you arrive at Seven Hills Hospital at our convenient location, you will be greeted by one of our intake staff who will work with you to complete a confidential assessment, allowing us to determine your exact treatment needs. Once this assessment is completed, it will be reviewed by one of our psychiatrists. Once admitted into our benzo addiction center, we make sure to work with each patient in order to develop an individualized plan of care. At Seven Hills Hospital, we have a child and adolescent unit for patients ages 5-17, an adult mental health unit, an adult substance abuse treatment unit, an adult rehab unit, and a Generation’s unit for adults and geriatric patients with psychiatric diagnoses and higher medical acuity. Your initial assessment at our treatment center for you benzo abuse will determine which unit you will be placed in. Additionally, we utilize a number of different therapeutic methods for benzo addiction treatment at our hospital, which may include the following:

Detoxification: For adult patients that are coming to us chemically dependent on benzos and other substances, you will first have to go through the detoxification process in order to remove all toxic substances from the body. Our detox center provides 24 hour nursing and doctor supervision. Once detox is completed, you will be able to fully engage in the therapeutic process.

Medication management: In addition to being seen within 24 hours of admission by an internal medical doctor, all patients will see a psychiatrist on a daily basis for medication management. Medication may be used to help treat the symptoms of any co-occurring disorders that may exist.

Individual therapy: Individual sessions are provided on an as-needed basis and allow patients private time with their therapist. Individual therapy can help patients get to the underlying cause for their addiction and help them learn ways to cope with cravings.

Family therapy: Family therapy sessions are held on an as-needed basis for all units except the adolescent unit, in which it is held once a week.

Group therapy: Group therapy is the primary treatment method at Seven Hills and is held two to three times each day. Some of the major group topics include: education surrounding addictive behaviors and triggers, coping skills, managing stress, anger management, effectively expressing emotions, and communication and life skills.

Experiential therapy: In addition to traditional therapeutic methods, we offer a number of other programs to help heal our patients these may include:

  • Dietician groups on each unit once a week
  • Medication education held by nurse once a week on each unit
  • Creative arts
  • Music therapy
  • Physical fitness opportunities
  • A.A. meetings on Tuesdays and Saturdays

Continuing Care

Continuing Care and Levels of Treatment

Seven Hills is your choice for benzo addiction treatment when you or your loved one asks the question: what is the best treatment center near me? Upon discharge from our hospital, each patient will meet with his or her therapist in order to determine the best placement for the next step in the recovery process. Some individuals benefit from one of our outpatient programs offered at our addiction treatment center, while others may be far enough along in their recovery to return home with referrals to traditional outpatient therapy. Whatever your needs may be, Seven Hills Hospital will make sure you are set up before leaving our treatment center’s doors.

In addition to our inpatient treatment center, Seven Hills Hospital provides outpatient services in the Las Vegas area which include a partial hospitalization program (PHP) and an intensive outpatient program (IOP) for adults with mental health disorders. We also have a PHP and IOP for adults struggling with substance abuse who still need support from a treatment center or hospital. Our partial hospitalization program is held Monday through Friday from 9am until 2pm, while our intensive hospitalization program for mental health is held 3 days a week from 9am until 12pm. The substance abuse program is held 5 days a week from 9am until 12pm. In addition to daily groups, both options provide patients with one weekly meeting with a psychiatrist, individual sessions if needed, and recreation therapy twice a week. Lunch is provided to patients on a daily basis who are enrolled in these treatment options at our hospital.

Individuals Talking in Circle

I let my benzo addiction control my life to the point where I was stealing pills from my friend and buying them off the street. After getting benzos rehab at Seven Hills, I am now celebrating my second year sober. I am thankful to the staff at Seven Hills for getting to the root of my benzos addiction!

– Jeffrey D.