Las Vegas’s Preferred Acute Adult Treatment Programs for Detox from Drug & Alcohol Addictions

Seven Hills Hospital helps individuals struggling with addiction build a strong foundation for lasting recovery. Take the first step and learn more about our detox program.

First Step Towards Recovery

Medically managed detoxification treatment is the first step towards chemical dependency recovery in the addiction and substance abuse program at Seven Hills Hospital in Las Vegas. Often referred to as detox, withdrawal from addictive substances can last between three and seven days, depending on the individual’s case history and unique medical needs. During this time in our drug and alcohol detox treatment program, Seven Hills employs therapeutic groups, cognitive behavioral therapy, the 12-step program, and evidence-based medicine to help clients in their recovery.

Our Inpatient Detox Program

During our inpatient detox program, medications are sometimes given, along with other needed medical care, in order to ensure a safe and more comfortable detox and withdrawal from drugs and/or alcohol. At Seven Hills, the unique needs and health of each patient are assessed on a daily basis to ensure a successful detoxification, so the remaining work in an addiction treatment program towards recovery can begin. Patients and their families must understand that entering detox for substance abuse concerns and undergoing withdrawal is only the beginning of recovery and a return to health. Without proper treatment and programming after detox, the addicted individual is very likely to return to substance abuse. Seven Hills is highly experienced in medically managing withdrawal during detox treatment from alcohol as well as a broad spectrum of illegal and prescription drugs. Drugs typically requiring medical detoxification are opioids (narcotic pain killers), benzodiazepines (anti-anxiety medications), and barbiturates/sedatives (sleeping pills).

A word of caution about withdrawal:

It’s important for our patients and their families to know that withdrawal from certain drugs can cause very serious medical complications which may include seizure, stroke, and in some cases, even death. If you have been drinking heavily or abusing drugs for a significant period of time, we urge you to seek help from a qualified addiction treatment center that provides detox from drugs and alcohol. It’s important to take this first step in a safe, private environment under the supervision of medical professionals who specialize in detox. At Seven Hills Hospital in Las Vegas, you will receive the best care at our treatment center and detox program to ensure the success of your recovery.

Individuals Talking in Circle

The variety of treatment programs at Seven Hills was great in treating the diverse conditions that members of our family were going through. We were able to get the appropriate treatment to get our family on the right track. Thank you Seven Hills!

– Elizabeth S.