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Seven Hills Hospital helps individuals struggling with addiction build a strong foundation for lasting recovery. Located near Las Vegas, Seven Hills is the leading provider of psychiatric and addiction treatment.

Learn More About Substance Abuse Recovery

Learn More About Drug & Alcohol Abuse Recovery at Seven Hills

Substance abuse is an excessive pattern of drug use that a person participates in despite the presence of any negative consequences that have resulted from the use. Substance abuse can rapidly cause a person to lose control of his or her life. Individuals may start to notice that they have become isolated from loved ones, that they are not functioning to their full potential at work or school, and that all of their energy is directed at using their drug of choice rather than on things that used to be important to them. After prolonged substance abuse, people can become physically and psychologically dependent on the substance itself, placing themselves at risk for suffering from withdrawal symptoms once the use has ceased. Those struggling with substance abuse may feel as though there is no going back; they may feel like change is too hard. Yet, with proper intervention and treatment, individuals who are struggling with addiction can overcome their demons and return to living a life of sobriety.

Seven Hills Hospital is a 134-bed mental health and chemical dependency treatment center that is dedicated to providing people with a safe and compassionate environment where they can stabilize, maximize their potential, and change their outlook on life. Located in a beautiful neighborhood within the Seven Hills community in Henderson, Nevada, near Las Vegas, we stand out from our addiction treatment center competitors in our exceptional customer service, our flexibility, and our quick responsiveness to disposition. At Seven Hills Hospital, we recognize how difficult it can be to fight the battle against addiction, so we make it our personal mission to help those who come to our addiction treatment center to develop the tools they need to overcome their struggles and find hope for the future.

Helping a Loved One

Helping a Loved One or Family Member Get Addiction Treatment

If you have a family member or loved one who is struggling with substance abuse, you may be feeling frustrated at the fact that he or she has been unable to walk away from his or her drug of choice, despite the fact that you are watching the world around him or her seem to deteriorate. Your frustration is completely understandable, but it is important to remember that addiction is a disease that alters a person’s ability to think clearly and behave in ways that are abnormal. Recovery can be a long process and your loved one will need your support throughout their journey and when entering a hospital or addiction treatment center.

People who are addicted to substances tend to have a very difficult time coming to understand and accept that they have a problem and that they need help. This can make confronting them about their need for treatment at a hospital for their addiction intimidating, but it is important that you put your own concerns aside and focus on doing what is best for your loved one. Here are some things to keep in mind when approaching your loved one about addiction treatment:

  • Refrain from being judgmental and accusatory
  • Be specific about the behaviors that are causing your concern
  • Refrain from lecturing or arguing because this will most likely only result in a defensive response
  • Do not make excuses for your loved one; understand that he or she has to accept responsibility for his or her behaviors, but help encourage him or her to research treatment centers and hospitals for substance abuse concerns
  • Do not throw out or hide the substances from your loved one
  • Offer help, support, and reassurance in finding a hospital or addiction treatment center
  • Express to your loved one all of the things that will be better after recovery and treatment at his or her chosen addiction center or hospital

Why Consider Us?

Why Consider Treatment at Seven Hills Hospital in Las Vegas

When people are addicted to substances, their lives are no longer their own. The effects of prolonged substance abuse can be detrimental on the lives of the person who is using, as well as on the people who are a part of that individual’s life. While addictions are hard to overcome, it can be done with the help of a quality addiction treatment center or hospital. You can get your life back.

Inpatient treatment centers have proven to be one of the most beneficial ways of receiving treatment for substance abuse and addiction. Inpatient care at addiction treatment centers and hospitals allow individuals to step away from the stresses and triggers of their everyday lives and place all of their focus and energy on recovery. When entering an inpatient center at a hospital for treatment for substance abuse concerns, people who are addicted to substances will first have the opportunity to go through a medically monitored detox process, allowing them to rid their bodies of the toxic substances while in a safe environment. Through a combination of various therapeutic interventions and the support of mental health professionals and addiction specialists, you can overcome your battle with addiction

Our Philosophy

Our Center’s Philosophy and Benefits

At Seven Hills Hospital, located near Las Vegas, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to adolescents, adults, and senior adults who are suffering from behavioral and mental health concerns, as well as chemical dependency issues. Our center for addiction treatment is designed to meet the individual needs of each of our patients through a compassionate and comprehensive approach. Led by a team of highly trained psychiatrists and mental health professionals, it is our sole mission to provide exceptional treatment and therapeutic programming in a safe environment so that we can send our patients from our hospital door onto the path to successful recovery.

Types of Treatment Available

Types of Treatment Offered at Seven Hills Hospital

When looking for alcohol and drug addiction treatment, you or your loved one may have been searching broadly for “rehab centers near me?” In the Las Vegas area, there is one clear choice. Seven Hills Hospital provides free, confidential assessments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at our convenient location near Las Vegas, Nevada. After completing a thorough assessment, one of our psychiatrists will review the evaluation in order to ensure that we will be able to provide the most appropriate level of care for the person who is in need of treatment for substance abuse concerns at our hospital. Once admitted into our addiction center we provide each person with his or her own individualized plan of care which will be implemented in a safe, secure, and structured environment. We have a unit for children and adolescents between the ages of 5-17, an adult mental health unit, an adult substance abuse treatment unit, an adult rehabilitation unit, and a geriatric unit, all tailored to meet the specific needs of each population. Your initial evaluation will determine what unit will best meet all of your needs while receiving treatment at our hospital. We utilize a number of different therapeutic techniques on each of our units including the following:

Detoxification: When adult patients come to us struggling with chemical dependency concerns, they will first go through the detoxification process in order to remove all substances from their bodies before fully engaging in the therapeutic process. All patients in our detox center are provided with 24 hour monitoring by nurses and doctors.

Medication management: Every patient who comes to us for treatment is seen within 24 hours by an internal medicine doctor in order to obtain a thorough medical history and to assess for any possible health complications. All patients meet with a psychiatrist daily in order to monitor the therapeutic effectiveness of any medications they may have been prescribed and to make any changes that may be necessary.

Individual therapy: Individual counseling sessions are held on an as-needed basis and are designed to provide patients with time to meet privately with a therapist in order to work on things such as learning to regulate emotions, tolerating stress, identifying triggers, and developing coping skills to aid in preventing relapse.

Family therapy: Family counseling sessions are held on an as-needed basis, except for patients in our adolescent unit who are provided with family sessions at least once per week. Family sessions are a time to engage the entire family in their loved one’s treatment and show them how they can best support their loved one during this time.

Group therapy: Group therapy is the main treatment method used here at Seven Hills Hospital. All patients participate in a minimum of two to three groups daily. Topics of discussion may include coping skills, stress management, anger management, effectively expressing emotions, communication skills, and life skills. For our patients who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction, there are also groups aimed at providing education surrounding addictive behaviors and triggers.

Experiential therapy: In addition to the more traditional treatment modalities, we also offer a number of other programs designed to help our patients on their road to recovery. These additional programs may include:

  • A.A. meetings
  • Recreational therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Creative arts
  • Meetings with a dietician
  • Physical fitness opportunities

Continuing Care

Continuing Care and Levels of Treatment

Seven Hills is your choice for alcohol and drug addiction treatment when you or your loved one asks the question: what is the best treatment center near me? When patients are ready to discharge from addiction treatment at our hospital, they will meet with their therapist in order to determine what the next best step for their individual recovery process should be. Some individuals will benefit from stepping down into one of our outpatient programs offered at our addiction treatment center, while others may be ready to return home with referrals for traditional outpatient therapy after leaving our hospital for their substance abuse concerns. Regardless of what your addiction treatment needs may be, the staff at Seven Hills Hospital will make sure that you are fully prepared to embark on your next stage of recovery.

In addition to our acute inpatient treatment center, Seven Hills Hospital, near Las Vegas, also offers outpatient services which include partial hospitalization programs (PHP) and intensive outpatient programs (IOP). Our PHP and IOP are designed for adults and offer two separate tracks, one for mental health and one for chemical dependency. In addition to daily group sessions, both programs provide patients with weekly sessions with a psychiatrist, individual sessions on an as-needed basis, and recreational therapy twice a week. Lunch is also provided to patients daily who are enrolled in these treatment options at our hospital.

Individuals Talking in Circle

I dealt with all the stress in my life by taking a variety of drugs. This habit eventually turned into a drug addiction that completely took over my life. After getting treatment at Seven Hills, I am now celebrating my first year sober and look forward to many more.

– Chad F.